Stock analysis analyses and you can ecosystem habits would be improved with additional right morphometric relationships

Stock analysis analyses and you can ecosystem habits would be improved with additional right morphometric relationships

(12) Kobayashi, D. 2004. Unpubl. data on the file within Pac. Isl. Seafood. Sci. Penny., Natl. Mar. Seafood. Serv., 2570 Dole Highway, Honolulu, Hello 96822-2396.

The consequences out-of gender and you can month on variables have been as well as examined

(14) Uchiyama, J. H., and Roentgen. A good. Skillman. Unpubl. study with the document at the Pac. Isl. Fish. Sci. Cent., Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 2570 Dole Roadway, Honolulu, Hello 96822-2396.

One another dolphinfish and you may wahoo belong to the fresh varieties state-of-the-art from Pelagic Management Device Kinds toward West Pacific Local Fishery Management Council (NMFS, 2001), in which they depict a significant component of the economical landings. Weight-length relationship are useful transforming metrics into the level and you can recapture studies along with database lacking both metric, and additionally they can be used to indicate looks position otherwise robustness from fish during the a stock (Le Cren, 1951). This research on dolphinfish and you may wahoo landed on Honolulu fish public auction throughout the 1988-89 refers to W-L predictor variables predicated on thousands of proportions coating a broad dimensions range.

Oxenford and you can Hunte (1986b) plotted and aesthetically compared the newest W-L matchmaking out of dolphinfish out-of Vermont (Flower and you will Hassler, 1968), Florida (Beardsley, 1967), and Barbados (its studies) and discovered absolutely nothing difference in the W-L dating of those towns regarding western and central Atlantic

Male dolphinfish achieve larger sizes than females. The largest male during the sampling period measured 149 cm, whereas the largest female measured 137 cm. In the initial data examination consisting of 2,495 paired measurements, 13 observations were identified Wichita Falls escort girls as outliers and deleted from all further analyses. Using data trimmed to a range of 65-137 cm FL, the differences in W-L parameters based on sex for dolphinfish were both significant (coefficient: p <0.01 and exponent: p <0.01; Table 1). Females and males were separately grouped by month of landing; data were trimmed to only include fish in the 90-135 cm FL range, and then analyzed by GLM. Other than March and April, most months covered about 90% or more of the trimmed length range. Month as a categorical factor was significant for both females (p < 0.05; Table 2) and males (p < 0.01; Table 3).

Earlier in the day studies have worked temporarily having intimate dimorphism out-of dolphinfish. Specific provides plotted the latest W-L matchmaking alone for males and you can lady (Beardsley, 1967; Flower and you can Hassler, 1968; Chatterji and Ansari, 1985; and you will Oxenford and you can Hunte, 1986b) or provided independent equations for men and you can lady (Lasso and you may Zapata, 1999; Massuti mais aussi al., 1999) in the place of providing a mathematical reason with the break up. Wang (1979) tabulated brand new suggest W-L on their own for males and you will people. Schuck (1951) and you can Beardsley (1967) just mentioned that the newest mean W-L for males is actually higher than females. This study statistically looked at the real difference on W-L coefficients from men and women dolphinfish (Desk step one) together with empirical difference in predicted suggest W-L can be seen within the Shape 5. Bannister (1976) aesthetically opposed plots out of W-L relationship out-of dolphinfish stuck regarding the Mediterranean which have those stuck of Vermont about west Atlantic (Flower and Hassler, 1968). Projected variables and other mathematical data getting log-linearized W-L relationships regarding Hawaiian dolphinfish are offered thus anyone else is also mathematically contrast W-L coefficients regarding dolphinfish from other areas and particularly other areas of Pacific Basin (Table cuatro).

Matsumoto (1967) discovered 38 wahoo larvae and you will juveniles inside the step one,643 samples out-of oblique plankton tows compiled regarding the discover ocean, thus a small amount of spawning may also are present offshore. Although not, a move to nearshore seas in may getting spawning regarding june might possibly be similar to the boost in standing and you may hook cost on nearshore fisheries. A diagnosis today underway from geographic habits and you will progressing regarding high catch rate parts went to by the Their state-built longline collection signifies that the greatest wealth section having wahoo within listing of the brand new collection was southwest of your isles 12 months bullet however, give northward towards seaside finance companies marketed more than 1,2 hundred mi. during the summer. (12)

Arocha, F., L. An excellent. Marcano, A. Larez, D. Altuve, and you will J. Alio. 1999. The fresh fishery, demographic dimensions structure and you can oocyte growth of dolphinfish, Coryphaena hippurus, during the Venezuela and you can adjacent oceans. Sci. Mar. 63(3-4):401-409.

Oxenford, H. A great. 1999. Biology of your own dolphinlish (Coryphaena hippurus) on the western main Atlantic: an evaluation. Sci. Mar. 63(3-4):277-301.

(11) Firing, J., Roentgen. Hocke, and you can R. Brainard. 2004. Facial skin speed and you will profiling drifters tune possible larval pathways within the Northwestern Island destinations. Poster demonstration during the Northwestern Hawaiian islands 3rd Scientific Symposium, 2-, Hawaii Discussion Cardio, Honolulu.

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