William partnered MARY Gay, and you may paid within the Audrain Co

William partnered MARY Gay, and you may paid within the Audrain Co

Glover Smart, who married LOU MOSELEY, and you can compensated for the Callaway Co

SAMPSON, Hugh Sampson, from Scotland, had a boy named John, just who involved The united states and you will compensated in Madison Co., Va. The guy married E Big, from the exactly who he’d however, one child, a child, titled John. The latter married FRANKIE MEDLEY, off Virtual assistant., in addition they had step one man, and additionally called John. Mr. Sampson passed away, along with his widow along with her guy stumbled on Callaway Co. when you look at the 1837. The latter try hitched earliest so you’re able to MILDRED TINSLEY, and you can after the girl demise he age are NANCY NELL. Big Sampson try an extremely higher kid, measuring half a dozen foot-half a dozen inches high, instead of their footwear.

SY GLOVER, out-of England, es, Edward, Enos, Ann and you can Polly

SIMMS, Matthew Simms along with his partner, who was a turn-down EMORY, taken off Letter.C. in order to Madison Co., KY., within the 1779. Their children was indeed Nancy, William, E, Lucinda and you can Josiah. William partnered SALLY BARNES, regarding KY., and you may settled in the Howard Co., MO. inside 1818. Their college students were Elias, James, Tarleton, William, Irving, John, Elizabeth, REbecca, Lucretia, Nancy and you may Sally. Elias partnered Age es compensated inside Callaway Co. when you look at the 17830. Tarleton hitched PERMELIA BOWLIN, and you will compensated within the Boone Co. during the 1819. inside 1835. Irvin married Age TURNER, and you will paid for the Boone Co. in 1819. John elizabeth seasons. E Parece BARNES, who compensated inside the Boone Co. during the 1816. Rebecca partnered AZAL BARNES, whom compensated in MO. within the 1835. Lucretia When you look at the BARNES, whom settled during the Boone Co. inside the 1816. Nancy married EZEKIEL HICKMAN, just who compensated inside the Boone Co. in 1816. Sally hitched GEORGE HICKMAN, which paid inside the Boone Co. for the 1835.

SELBY, John Selby, away from Maryland, is good methodist preacher. He married REBECCA JONES, and you may settled for the Bourbon Co., KY. in 1806. Within the 1824 the guy eliminated so you can Callaway Co., MO., in which his spouse passed away when you look at the 1828. Their children have been Isaiah, Jesse J., Asenith, William J., Anna, John Yards., James H., Louis V., Eliza, Lucinda and you may Henry B. Isaiah married SALLIE Trout, and settled inside the Callaway Co. inside the 1824. Jesse J. married Elizabeth HERREFORD. Asanith partnered HENRY Quick, whom settled within the Boone Co. into the 1823. William J. hitched JULIA An excellent. TURLEY. Ann hitched the woman cousin, JOSEPH SELBY, which paid inside the Callaway Co. for the 1824. John Yards. es H. hitched LOUISA DAZEY, and you can Louis V. married MILLEY DAZEY. Eliza UEL HARDIN, exactly who settled in the Boone Co. Henry B. partnered MARY STEELE.

STEELE, Colonel John Steele, of Va., ed SARAH Holland, and you will paid inside the Callaway Co telegraph dating. inside 1834. Their college students had been Isaac, Margaret and you can Sarah. Colonel Steele supported while the Master regarding troops for a time, after which because Colonel, for many many years.

SCOTT, Captain Saybrook Scott stayed in Georgetown, District off Columbia, and you can try a-sea captain. He hitched Skip CANAN DARNE, of the just who he had Allen, Robert and you will Age. Allen was also a sea captain. He parece, John D., William A., Mary A good., Melvina, Jeannette E., and Henry. Head Scott settled into the Callaway Co. into the 1837. Their kid, John D. is actually head of an excellent steamboat into the Mississippi lake getting 30 ages. He es Scott married MARIA ELLIS, of Va., and settled inside Callaway Co inside 1837. William A. hitched MARGARET BRASHER, and you will paid inside Callaway Co. for the 1837.

James settled inside the Callaway Co. from inside the 1828, and you may hitched RACHEL EWING, which died, and then he after ward partnered SUSAN GLOVER. Edward partnered MATILDA GLOVER, and you will paid into the Callaway Co. when you look at the 1833. Enos is married three times, and you will settled inside Callaway Co. inside 1833. Polly, a girl out of John Smart, partnered JOSEPH WARNER, just who compensated inside the Callaway Co. when you look at the 1835. Most other students from Elisha Wise Sr., and you may sisters so you’re able to John Smart, have been Edward, who hitched Age HEATH, and you may compensated in the Callaway Co. during the 1833. William, which hitched ANNA GLOVER, and you will compensated for the reason that co. inside the 1828. David, exactly who hitched PERMELIA BLEDSOE, and you can compensated into the Callaway Co. into the 1833. Thomas, just who partnered HARRIET THOMPSON, and you can settled within the Callaway Co. for the 1832. in 1828.

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