Youngsters produce Key Competencies when they are engaged in the new “doing” – the fresh Curricular Competencies – inside a training town

Youngsters produce Key Competencies when they are engaged in the new “doing” – the fresh Curricular Competencies – inside a training town

The newest Core Competencies is actually categories of rational, personal, and you can personal and mental proficiencies that most youngsters need under control to engage in strong, lifelong understanding. And literacy and you may numeracy foundations, he or she is main to Uk Columbia’s K-twelve curriculum and you may research system and you may really help college students inside their increases due to the fact experienced residents.

Therefore, he could be an integral part of this new program. While they reveal themselves distinctively into the for every single section of discovering, the brand new Core Competencies are often interrelated and so are foundational to all studying.

Before children enter university, growth of Center Competencies begins in the home following continues throughout the the lifestyle. Pupils run into chances to generate the skills during the official and you will everyday setup. It move from exhibiting competence in the not too difficult and you will extremely offered situations, in order to proving freedom much more state-of-the-art and you may ranged contextspetency advancement really does maybe not avoid having university graduation however, continues on inside the personal, personal, informative, and you may workplace contexts.

  • Revealing the fresh new Center Competencies which have co-workers, instructors, and you can family normally deepen students’ understanding of this new Center Competencies and you can enable them to choose private strengths and you may present needs for further innovation because educated people
  • Examining the pictures facilitate children build a like of one’s more implies, models, and you may contexts the spot where the Center Competencies is applicable
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  • The newest images hook up the fresh new Key Competencies having students’ own class room experiences and you will offer this new profiles your in their mind
  • Children have the effect of assessing their development in brand new Key Competencies. The fresh new profiles related to for each and every sandwich-competency can serve as a helpful guide within this worry about-analysis
  • Teachers are able to use the sub-proficiency users and you can photos to help with college students inside their growth due to the fact educated citizens
  • Providing students with significant employment and you may facts, in which they could explicitly reflect on in which and how he could be utilising the Center Competencies, often after that its development in Correspondence, Convinced, and personal and you will Public. New graphics per sandwich-proficiency render samples of rich jobs, facts, and you may views
  • This new Core Competencies try inserted in the curriculum and are also needless to say supported when college students engage with the major Info and you will Curricular Competencies for the for every single section of learning. Samples of explicit relationships having Huge Suggestions have the fresh “Connection” point for each and every sub-proficiency
  • Teachers help college students for the examining their own growth in this new Core Competencies. (More resources for analysis additionally the Key Competencies, excite see Class Investigations and Reporting)
  • Students generate Center Competencies at your home and in school, to make moms and dad/protector help to possess students’ increasing good sense, knowledge, and you can growth of the Center Competencies important

Unpacking the 3 Key Competencies

Interaction -The new Communication competency surrounds the data, feel, processes and you will dispositions i associate with affairs with people. Through their correspondence, children and get, write and you can transform details and you can recommendations, to make connections with folks to express their facts, share its character, subsequent their understanding, and get one thing done. The fresh new communication competency is actually simple to locating satisfaction, purpose and you will contentment.

Considering – The new Thought proficiency border the info, feel and operations i relate genuinely to intellectual development. It is because of the proficiency because thinkers one people take subject-specific concepts and content and you can transform him or her into yet another insights. Thinking competence includes certain thought experiences in addition to activities out of notice, and you may metacognitive sense. Talking about regularly processes suggestions regarding many offer, in addition to feelings and thoughts you to definitely arise about subconscious and you may involuntary head and you will regarding embodied cognition, to create the fresh understandings.

Private and you can Social – The non-public and you may Societal competency ‘s the selection of results one interact with students’ name internationally, both due to the fact individuals so when people in its area and you can neighborhood. Personal and societal proficiency surrounds what pupils need to prosper because some one, understand and worry about by themselves while some, in order to find and you will go the motives globally.


The fresh Core Competencies try interrelated and you may interdependent and each sandwich-proficiency are however intertwined with the most other sandwich-competencies. These types of contacts is explicitly described in the Relationships certainly one of Core Competencies section integrated for every sandwich-proficiency. Because the college students move through the new users in a single sandwich-proficiency, their development will dictate growth in other sandwich-competencies.


Per sub-competency comes with three or four facets. Elements would be the novel and you will interrelated parts of the new sub-competencies. Children often have indicated multiple components of a sandwich-competency immediately whenever doing jobs and methods.


Per sandwich-proficiency have a set of half dozen Users. Users is descriptors from students’ sub-competency creativity and mirror the newest interrelated aspects of for every single sub-competency. He could be progressive and you can ingredient, and additionally they focus on the idea of expanding and you will expanding. Because the youngsters move through the pages, it take care of and boost competencies from prior profiles while development the fresh new enjoy. College students may also find themselves reflecting aspects of several profile at a time.

It is vital to just remember that , brand new pages aren’t tied to specific stages membership and therefore are reflective off lifelong invention.

Illustrations or photos

Artwork was samples of just how B.C. college students off varied backgrounds and you will communities possess shown its development proficiency. This type of examples is varied and include student really works samples, scholar and you may professor reflections, interview, professor findings, discovering tales, and/otherwise photos and movies.

All visuals include a visibility analysis you to shows this new components of a minumum of one sandwich-competency pages brand new college student are proving throughout the illustration.

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